23 Days

Personally this is my favorite time of year, and I mea that full heartedly.  This is my favorite time of year because of the meaning of Christmas, the colder weather (not freezing here in Sicily though!), an the start of a new year.   With that being said I would like to share some good news with all my viewers today.  I am offering my free time to help local families and single sailors with their budgeting and money woes.  More will be discussed but first I want to touch on something that irritated me a little bit.

We have 23 days until Christmas.  And man, what a great thing of beauty that is.  Because in the time it takes for the days, hours, minutes and seconds to elapse until that beautiful December 25th morning we have time to reflect upon our lives.  Your life isn’t how you want it to be?  You want to make some changes?  You have 23 days left to make this the best Christmas of your life.  Take the next 23 days to decide how you want to change, give hope to a new Christmas.  Give hope to a new year, to a better life to come.

Many people, myself included, create these grand and glorious dreams and aspirations that never really come to fruition.  I hear this time and time again during my time in the Navy so far, that some things are impossible.  The excuses come easy, the most common I hear are that you lack time, energy, money, motivation.  It is all too easy to stay in a rut and inside your comfort zone but that just isn’t where growth occurs.  You have to step outside of your boundaries to experience personal and professional growth.

Over these next 23 days I would like each and everyone of you to think of goals, or just one goal for the upcoming year.  Something that you desperately want to change about your life.  I want you to reflect and pray on it, listen to God and feel his presence in your life.  I hope you are encouraged through these upcoming days with hope that things will change.  I want you to imagine a life without that constant burden of debt if financial troubles is your issue.

Right now I have five interested people that will participate with an upcoming class that I will lead.  I am hosting a Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University class.  So don’t worry to all those out there thinking I made this class up from scratch.  So far two families and a single sailor are attending.  This is an excellent way for couples to bond and become closer together by learning how to budget, tackle money issues, and get questions answered! But don’t worry, this is also very valuable for single sailors as well because we all know debt is a big burden to have.

Please, help spread the word about the Financial Peace University class to anyone whom you think would be interested in attending or benefiting from this.  Even if you and your spouse or significant other are financial sound individuals this would still be a great bonding experience for you two to have.

Anyways, sorry for the small lapse in time from my last article posting.  Grad school has caught up to me.  But no worries I’m down to my last two weeks of class then I am onto winter break for about a month! Also, I want these to be substantive.  I don’t want to just type for typing shake.

P.S. for anyone interested in learning more about FPU or anything Dave Ramsey related please visit this link…


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