New Beginnings

It might be reasonable to question why on earth would he be getting involved with this, or at the very least writing in a blog?  There really isn’t a simple answer to that question.  However, I do know I did not want to do video blogs and I would much rather type than speak.  Maybe I am old fashioned but even the word blogs sound weird to me… I will refrain from using that term from now on.

So why am I typing this musing.  For those of you who don’t know, I am in graduate school right now.  And that requires a lot of writing and papers that I am required to submit.  And I have noticed lately I have been lacking in that department.  I need an area that I can express ideas, reflect on my studies, and share with whomever might want to read what I share.  My intentions are to keep this educational at best, for whatever small amounts of wisdom and intellect I can muster on here.  Or at least maintain some resemblance of economic theory without becoming a laughing stock.  I hope this encourages dialog and can be beneficial for someone at least.

A close friend of mine just offered a piece of advice to me about future career options.  I thought it was a rather sound tidbit of information he shared with me, and I happily agreed with him.  However, upon reflecting on his suggestion I realized I need to do more to better myself.  So in part this collection of my thoughts will have to do for now to serve as my tiny pedestal.

In case anyone was wondering, before blindly listening to any financial or economic advice I may or may not give, I do have some credentials.  Nothing terribly exciting though, I have an undergraduate degree in Finance and Accounting from University of Pittsburgh.  And I am trying to expand on my knowledge by working towards a Masters in Logistics and Supply Chain Management.   I do have some ambition in me to get a second masters degree in either finance or behavioral economics and ultimately a Ph.D in whichever of the two I don’t get a masters in.  But, that is a very lofty goal to have.  Some of my interests in this field are financial management, personal financial planning, investments, behavioral economics, economic history, trade relations, logistics, etc.

I will make it a goal of mine to prepare a topic on a weekly basis.   This will help keep me motivated to learn more about a subject I might be slacking in, will help me increase my proficiency in writing, and help formulate ideas.  I am open to suggestions from anyone, if they want advice on a certain topic or just want to inquire about anything.  On rare occasions I may share personal topics.

If you read this far, I will be blatantly honest with you all.  I have no idea nor any hopes of this taking off and becoming world famous by any stretch of the imagination.  I do know I need to do this, for whatever the reason might be.  Hopefully you enjoyed this article and the others that will follow…

P.S. this cool pic is from a hike I just went on.  Hiked Mt. Etna!


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